We make that happen

Business owners need:
Healthier people.
Peace of mind.
Lower costs.

THe Healthcare system is dysfunctional.

Your employer-sponsored health plan does not have to be.

Imagine lower healthcare costs.

The healthcare system was not created to help you

The U.S. healthcare system spends $4 trillion every year. Yet it remains archaic, confusing, and out of touch with our needs. The end result? Employers like you are stuck in a broken system and the rising cost of healthcare locks you and your employees into status-quo health plans with mediocre member experiences. 

Are you an employer that feels the healthcare system is designed to make money off you and your employees, rather than provide care? 

You’re not alone 


We go beyond the role of traditional broker or consultant because we believe that when we unlock healthcare, we unlock potential

Unlike most in the insurance industry, we do not accept undisclosed revenue. We do not merely recommend renewals or “off the shelf” plans once a year, we actively partner with CEO’s and CFO’s on one of their largest P&L items — medical spending. We know we are responsible for managing three of the most important things in life — Family, Health, and Money — and we do not take that lightly. 

We are licensed insurance agents, but we are not typical brokers

We are architects, hand-holders, and data junkies. 
We construct custom health plans with transparency and flexibility.

We analyze your needs and member spending trends and make tailored recommendations. 

We hold members’ hands through the toughest times of their lives. 

EBC fights for transparent, affordable, customized healthcare for you and your employees

This is a brand new way to do health insurance and benefit administration. This is EBC. 

Transparent. Dedicated. Groundbreaking. 

We insource our advocacy here at EBC, we don’t leave it to someone else. We make our own calls to members, we talk to their families, we text, hug, whatever it takes to make them feel safe, secure, and heard. We personally prioritize fast response times, customer care, and relentless advocacy for our clients. We know that we work with three of the most important things in life — Family, Health, Money — and we take it incredibly seriously.

We make our own calls


We are data-driven professionals and use results to ensure your self-funded plan operates at its highest potential. Traditional insurance companies run analytics to ensure their company earns a profit. EBC uses our own data skills and experience to rigorously implement, track, and report on your programs, all to ensure your plan is safe, funded, and your employees are cared for and happy!

We do our own data analytics


Staying current on the bewildering, ever-changing regulations is an impossible task for your HR Staff, especially if they also manage, train, and steward your limited benefits resources. We know what questions to ask and can keep regulators at bay by keeping you compliant. 

We do our homework


We maintain memberships with industry-leading professional organizations, so that you have access to the most current information and cost-efficiency strategies and we can deliver the greatest possible value and convenience to your employees and their families.

We pay the dues


What Makes Us Unique

Ready to
cut the red tape
and get the healthcare benefits you actually need?

Ready to cut the red tape and get the healthcare benefits you actually need?